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Job Purpose

  • To provide a consistently high quality frontline transaction service to customers encompassing the cashing of cheques, acceptance of deposits and the provision of change.
  • To understand the risks associated with the handling of cash and maintain effective controls to manage these risks.
  • To maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards. Manage ATM/ANA machines (where applicable)

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Telling
  • Attends to cheque encashment, Plus Plan withdrawals etc., according to laid-down procedures as stipulated in Group Reference Guide (GRG).
  • Attends to change transactions.
  • Accepts cheque and/or cash deposits, according to laid-down procedures as stipulated in GRG. Ensures that cheques included in deposits are checked in terms of Duty of Care obligations.
  • Ensures that all items cashed are within laid-down limits and refers all transactions exceeding limits to the appropriate area for authorisation.
  • Ensures that items cashed are technically correct and signed, according to laid-down instructions as per GRG.
  • Prepares contingency schedules and capture as per point of reference structure.
  • Attends to value transactions
  • Assists with cash transactions captured by employees that do not operate tills.
  • Control of cash ATM/ANA daily maintenance
  • Ensure ATM/ANA machine are clear of cash jams and retained cards to increase uptime, as and when required. Replenishes ATM/ANA stationery.
  • Ensures maximum up-time by reporting systems or technical problems to ATM Control immediately and follow up in need to ensure that corrective action is taken..
  • Ensures that the print on transaction records is legible for all ATM/ANA terminals.
  • Ensures that all ATM/ANA terminals are kept clean externally and internally at all times.
  • Matric 1 year Branch banking experience would be an advantage.

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