Trainee Train Assistant at Transnet (Ermelo)

Posted by Admin on 2016-10-17 03:54:10


• Obtain and place equipment on train (plus minus 15 kg)
• Check and supplement prescribed equipment i.e. pantograph hook stick (plus minus 5 kg), jumper cables (plus minus 10 kg) etc.
• Coupled locomotives (multiple set) through air and vacuum hoses, jumper cable and ensure correct functioning of automatic coupler between locomotives
• Despatch locomotives, operating hand operated points
• Attach and/or detach vehicles according to works order in absence of yard personnel (Equivalent of 45 kg)
• Mount telemeters (where necessary) i.e. mount (front unit = 5.17 kg) (rear unit = 8.06 kg)
• Remove and carry train indicators to last vehicle and mount (side and rear indicators) (plus minus 10 kg). Required to board vehicle to effect proper mounting
• Examining of train as prescribed
• Verbal exchange of signal positions •Observe proceeding trains
• Patrol locomotives (walking through corridors of electric locomotives using extended foot plate and hand rails at speeds up to 40 km/h; walking on running board of diesel locomotives and stepping over to another locomotive at speeds up to 40 km/h; manual operating of circuit breakers while locomotive is in motion)
• Protect train during incidents, accidents etc.
• Be prepared to walk relatively long distances to check train loads (day and night)
• (Determine status of train, placing and securing of detonators on rail, displaying hand signals day and night, walking on uneven ground, ability to withstand natural elements)
• Assistance to Train Driver during emergencies (in event of Driver failure to bring train to standstill; walking long distances to report position, and requirements)
• Attach/detach trucks as per works-order (manual application of equipment; standing of vehicle walking alongside moving vehicles)
• Obtain radios/handsets/two way communication radios/telemeters when applicable (carrying of communication equipment and place on footplate or mount on vehicle)
• Assist the Train Driver by applying hand brake
• Secure as prescribed (applying hand brakes and placing of scotch blocks in front wheels)
• Store tools and equipment (remove kit-box from locomotive and store away)


• Grade 12 with Mathematics
• At least 1,6 meters tall
• Visual acuity
• Be prepare to attend and pass the first available course in Trainee Train Assistant duties
• Physically able to lift and carry objects (be prepared to be subjected to assessment of physical abilities)
• Applicants must have the potential and attributes necessary to be trained to efficiently and safely perform the tasks of a Train Assistant and to be trained as a Train Driver.


• Safety conscious
• Environmental awareness
• Conscientious
• Prepared to work overtime
• Prepared to work shifts

How to apply?

Completed curriculum vitae (CV) to be submitted by fax to 0117749919 (Please use this reference number: 50009647). Alternatively click HERE to apply online